Airways Golf Membership

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Airways Golf Course Membership

Airways Golf course offers two different types of monthly memberships, Monthly mini memberships and the “Golf Revolution.” 

Each membership is designed for the type of golfer you are. If you love Airways Golf Course and don’t play anywhere else, then the mini membership is perfect for you.

But, if you’re the type of golfer who likes to travel, then the “Golf Revolution” membership is the way to go.

The mini memberships are specific to each calendar month and allow its mini members to play at a substantially discounted rate.

Mini Membership Pricing

Each Mini Membership will have an additional surcharge due for each round played. Surcharges are Senior/Junior: $6  &  Adult $4/$6.50 (weekday/weekend)

Senior Monthly

$ 45 50
Monthly Payment
  • Ages 62 and Older

Junior Monthly

$ 43 75
Monthly Payment
  • Ages 17 and Under

Adult Monthly

$ 83
Monthly Payment
  • Ages 18 to 61

The Golf Revolution

In addition to the mini memberships, Airways offers the “Golf Revolution” membership. The most innovative and popular Golf Membership program in Central California that travels with you to any of Sierra Golf Management’s seven other golf courses throughout the central valley.

Our program is simple. You pay a ONE TIME ONLY initiation fee of $299 and then just $114.95 per month for UNLIMITED golf, seven days a week. We also have a Patriot plan Monday – Friday for $94.95 limited green fees. We could not make it any simpler than that. Build your membership to fit your lifestyle and pocket book…… At Airways, we are changing the way golf is paid and played……….

See below for Packages, Pricing and Terms.


Revolution Golf Membership Pricing

Revolution Golf Cart Pricing

Additional Packages

  • Unlimited Range Ball Package: $39.95 mo. | $479.40 annual
  • Initiation Fee: $299.00 One time fee as long as membership is active (Junior members excluded)

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